Saturday, October 28, 2006

letter to Senator Bill Nelson, D-FL


My etiquette guide tells me that I should be addressing this to The Honorable Bill Nelson, and not so long ago I might have done just that. Your voting record tells me that you've been representing my interests reasonably well, in some areas at least.

Now that you've voted YES to the Military Commissions Act of 2006 though, I can no longer say that. To think that my elected representatives could actually codify and legalize torture [among other ills] and that so many of my fellow citizens agree with you...

Words fail me.

Senator, tell me why I -- a Yellow Dog Democrat registered here in the state of Florida for almost as long as you have been an active politician here in the state of Florida -- why should I continue to vote for you? Why shouldn't I just write in Yellow Dog for Senator on my ballot on Tuesday?

Your answer should contain, just for starters: "repeal the Patriot Act" and "repeal the Military Commissions Act" and "get out of Iraq" and "get out of Afghanistan."