Monday, May 14, 2007

I was afraid this would happen.

The kittens have been getting out and about and drawing lots of admiring attention. Neighbors have been dropping by more and more the past few days [it's a large and busy apartment complex], and ooh-ing and ah-ing over them. I'd almost managed to lure them into the great indoors by last night, but Momcat moved them off the porch late this afternoon.

The dog and I went out looking for them just a little while ago, but didn't find them anywhere nearby. I've left out food and water [and hiding places] for them, hoping they'll sneak back under cover of darkness, but I'm none too sanguine about this.

The weather is mild, we're surrounded by dense scrubby woods full of prey [why there are so many ferals around here in the first place], and several of the residents leave food out for the "neighborhood" cats. Their chances of survival are better than many, and certainly better than if the management had called animal control and had them taken away.

If they don't come back on their own, the dog and I will be taking longer and more frequent walks through the neighborhood, but this evening we're both sitting around the place moping, feeling sorry for ourselves.

UPDATE! I hear mewing from the front porch!
oh... i hope... i hope...

Updated update: A momcat-sized shadow and three kitten-sized shadows [one of them definitely black and white patched] were visible in the dark when I peeked out the window just now. Okay, I can sleep now.

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