Saturday, May 19, 2007

Detente, part 1

When last we blogged on all things kitten, a couple of nights ago, the dog had enthusiastically joined in the kitten games. Over-enthusiastically, in mom cat's opinion. As a result, relations at last night's open door policy session were a tad strained.

Mom cat gives dog the evil eye.

Dog wisely decides that retreat is the better part of diplomacy.
Blue kitten 2 and patches kitten are brave enough to play at ground level.

Tiger kitten, mom cat, and blue kitten 1 watch from above.


Anonymous said...

The best show in town.

Dogs just don't understand when no one will play with them.

hipparchia said...

this one certainly doesn't. how could a 6 pound mom cat not want her little weightless balls of fluff playing with a 50 pound dog?

in his defense i have to point out that 50 pound dog is far gentler and kinder than is 15 pound curmudgeon cat. very difficult to convince mom cats of this, and in almost all cases, they are wise to fear dogs.

poor pup. victim of racial profiling.