Tuesday, May 22, 2007

brief kitten update

One of the blue kittens [hard to tell Thing One and Thing Two apart at night] has become terribly interested in all things indoors over the past couple of days, including running up to touch noses with the dog this evening. Of course, all this bravery is exhibited from the other side of the screen door.

This slight amendment in open door policy, leaving the porch door open, but the screen door closed, has come about because curmudgeon cat is pissed about being locked away in the bedroom every evening for hours on end. Curmudgeon cat, when sufficiently motivated and left unsupervised for long enough, can open most of the doors here. I suppose I could always lock him away in the dishwasher, it's brand new and has a sturdy latch that can only be operated from the outside. This strikes me as a too-permanent solution to the problem.

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