Friday, April 24, 2009

Send faxes, faxes, and money! [update]

1. Help this video go viral:


2. Send a fax:

Baucus a few days ago: 'Everything BUT single payer is on the table. Single payer if off the table'

Pelosi: "In our caucus, over and over again, we hear single payer, single payer, single payer. Well, it's not going to be a single payer."

Pelosi's aide: "Where are the phone calls, e-mails and faxes in support of single-payer? Speaker Pelosi has been in favor of single-payer for a long time. Now make us do it."

Nancy Pelosi wants faxes? Fax her.

A copy of your efax will go to Nancy Pelosi, Dan Bernal (Legislative Aide to Representative Pelosi), Joel Segal (Aide to Representative Conyers), Senatory Max Baucus and The White Office of Health Reform.

3. Send them another fax.

Tell them to expand and improve Medicare.

Fill out the following form to send this letter and your comments as an electronic fax to the White House Office of Health Reform, Senator Edward Kennedy, Senator Max Baucus, Senator Chuck Grassley, Senator John D. Rockefeller, Representative Fortney H. "Pete" Stark.

4. Send them yet another fax.

Tell them to stop threatening Medicare and obstructing health care reform.

A copy of your eFax will go to Senator Baucus and the White House, too.

5. Send $$.

TODAY. Srsly. We need to get these ads on TV. If you can't afford to give them $50, round up 10 people to send $5 each.

6. after you've done all that, call the White House.


Tell them Yes we do want single payer!

7. Sign the petition.

No more secret meetings with insurance companies!

8. Link, link, link.

Here's the Health Justice website. Here's their YouTube channel.

9. And Dr Jess will be on the radio too.

[thanks be to lambert]


YAY! [but keep sending faxes anyway]

By cnewhall on Sun, 04/26/2009 - 10:04pm

I am happy to tell you that as of 17.56.21 mst, the last remaining fax machine that was receiving gave up the ghost. It was the White House fax that lasted the longest and it was up again in an hour -- all set to receive the 514 more faxes that were queued for sending when it went down.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

If you type "over the cliff, onto the rocks"

into Yahoo, the second hit in the list goes to this post and the third goes to this post.

So, my 15 seconds of fame rests on a rant to, about, and at the Democratic Party and the propagation of a mutating gene meme.

Life is good.
funny pictures of cats with captions

Monday, April 13, 2009

I'll take door #3

Now, if door #1 had been a weekend in New York with Hillary...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday cat blogging? whuzzat?

Well, this one is perfect, because I did just find the USB cable a couple of hours ago.

funny pictures of cats with captions

These have been sitting in the camera for awhile...


wait... did you hear something?

catnip toyzzzzz!!!!!

Monday, April 06, 2009

[for reference]

We're all Keynesians now, but the neo-Malthusians were not wrong.

ELO, program for FFA 2009

Syngenta, video of Paul Krugman's speech at FFA 2009 [text]
nb: not sure i agree with him on the [non]impact of speculation on food prices, but he's right that it wasn't just a speculation bubble, we're in for more troubles. seriously scary stuff.

slides from Stephan Schulmeister's presentation

selected interviews:


statement from the FFA 2009

tangentially related: 50-year farm bill