Saturday, June 02, 2007

Herding kittens

you're not blogging about those darned kittens again, are you?
why, yes. yes, i am.

It's possible that I'll find myself filing this one under Be careful what you wish for at some later date, but for now, Mission Accomplished!.

The porch cats have all moved indoors. Finally. They're a bit confused by the door that won't open. Curmudgeon cat has resigned himself to accepting the whole situation with bad grace. The dog is beside himself with joy. I've put out 3 litter boxes and now I'm going to bed.

Meanwhile, here's a charming little time waster for you. I made it to 263 while I was waiting for all the cats to work their way far enough into the living room for me to sneak past them and close the door when they weren't looking. If I ever remember which blog I found it at, I'll paste the link Aha! Found it here.


Keifus said...

That was a soothing timewaster, I really enjoyed the music. (And I beat you by a point.)

yqtnd: you're quantized (tell me when it's Monday)

Anonymous said...

I hate to admit it - 350, I'm on the list as Perun [Russian god of defense].

"Boomshine" is when you clear all of the blobs at a level. There's a major bonus.

Anonymous said...

Oh, congratulations on the move to the interior.

hipparchia said...

ouch and ouch. i don't which hurts worse, getting beaten by one measly point or getting beaten by a hopeless number of points. my only consolation is that neither of you has come anywhere near the high score of 1000+ that i saw.

the new blogger code of civility: you are not allowed to beat the blogowner at games pointed out by the blogowner.

keifus: it is soothing, isn't it? you can go listen to it some more now. i've just upped my high score to 266. i seem to be stuck at the 250s-260s range, so it shouldn't be too difficult for you to beat that.

perun: i wondered where the name "boomshine" came from. i've cleared 52 or 53 [of 55] from the 11th level a few times, so i've been close to finding out. i was hoping there'd be a bonus. alas, it appears that i'll never know this first hand.

kittens! argh! i no longer have to worry about animal comtrol picking them up, but that's been replaced by worrying about what they can get into. pardon me while i go wrassle the dishwahser back into place.