Tuesday, May 29, 2007


In the grand new tradition of lolcats, O’DonnellWeb mashes up the lolcreationist just for the Creation Museum Carnival. Hosted by PZ Myers at Pharyngula.


Anonymous said...

What bothers me most about this whole thing is that you can't grow up near or around a farm, as a lot of evangelicals do, and believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible, because that isn't the way things are.

When you live and work on the land you see all of the exceptions, there is no way of avoiding it.

You know how many different animals their are and how many can fit in a barn, and how much silage you'd need for two months, so you know Noah couldn't have done it.

The whole thing just doesn't work and you can't stay on a farm if you try to arrange things as they are in Bible.

hipparchia said...

well, y'know, bryan, i think noah lied about the unicorns. those critters reproduced like crazy and that's what he fed everybody. then he realized god was gonna be really pissed, so he lied and said he couldn't find them. classic "blame the victim" tactics.

more seriously... a lot of my school friends when i was a kid were raised in fundamentalist churches and so i got to see some of their techniques first hand. the brainwashing, mind control, call it what you will, is pretty darned sophisticated, rivalling any that you'll see in cults the world over.

Keifus said...

Is the bible self-consistent enough to be taken literally (even ignoring conflicts with modern observation)? I'm not delving deep here, but even the nature of god changes over time.

To get there, you have to either have a pretty good official set of rationalizations (Judaism more sophisticated than Catholocism better than those Evangelical bozos), or just go ahead and ignore the stuff that doesn't suit your immediate claim. The latter seems rather common.

(I am sympathetic to some rationalizations more than others.)


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Anonymous said...

You also cannot grow up on a farm and believe that homosexuality is "unnatural," but that's a topic for another day.

hipparchia said...

no! we can talk about it now if you like! you don't even have to live on a farm. my dog not only gay, he's part poodle. plus, he likes baby kittenz.

hipparchia said...

heya, keifus. not having a lot of self-consistency myself, i couldn't begin to speak for the bible.

well, ok, i'll begin...

years ago i took a comparative religion class [almost all of which i've forgotten now] in which a few different experts in biblical texts and various ancient languages talked about the various translations and probable authors of some of the books of the bible. fascinating. that's the kind of bible study i'd consider getting a degree in.