Thursday, May 10, 2007

syd: get lost!


daveto said...

well, look closely, here.

there's a guy down there saying, "no, i don't think so .. the prize remains unclaimed. delta shmelta" (that kinda stuff)

hipparchia said...

heh. you could perhaps call that north of lake baikal. and i didn't think your photo was over the delta; i just wanted you know what kind of quagmire you'd pushed me into.

cvyyb: isn't that russion for "why me?"
incigql: it's probably inuit for "incitful"

hipparchia said...

geez, louise...

inciteful [sic]

daveto said...


i told ya, "brain camp", gimme a break(!)

by the way: your pic, more proof that truth is stranger than fiction.

daveto said...

o/t you've gotten me interested in this insurance business .. you probably saw this, but just in case* ..

* just in case you were too busy with your Google Earth program!