Wednesday, July 02, 2008


When I put together what I knew of the beginnings of PUMA, I looked for the original comment that set it all off, but no luck. Not to worry, myiq2xu [was there ever a better nic than that one?] has it.


Steve Bates said...

So the official drink of PUMAs is "Barcadi [sic] & Coke." Why is it that anti-establishment types so frequently can't spell properly? :)

hipparchia said...

methinks you confuse tyepos with mispelings :)

and then there's lolcats, which iz duhlibbrit antidisestablishmentarianism!

Anonymous said...

I've haven't seen properly misspelled a lot. I must be reading the wrong blogs. ;)

I notice that there are actually two versions of PUMA with "Party Unity My Ass" the early liberal branch, and then the "People United Means Action".

The organized effort that is being complained about is not exactly liberal, while still against Obama and reads like a bunch of Reagan Democrats at best, or Republicans.

There's no trademark involved, so overall the one solid thing everyone using a PUMA identifier has in common is anger with current DNC.

hipparchia said...

well, the reagan democrats and the republicans are among those he's been reaching out to.

but yeah, i'm ticked at the dnc, i'm ticked at obama for not reaching out to real liberals, i'm ticked at the racist, probably-republican bigots latching onto what was originally a protest by liberals....

i approve of question authority and act up ntodd's 198 sundays and now puma, assuming it doesn't get completely hijacked.

Anonymous said...

Both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were center right candidates. I liked John Edwards better, and still hope he'll be vice president.