Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Truthfully, there really *aren't* all that many blogs smaller than mine,

especially since I haven't been blogging much since last year's Blogroll Amnesty Day, having devoted many of my online hours to researching, and writing about, single payer national health insurance, aka Medicare for all, aka HR 676.

However, it's not right to just let the day slide by without making some kind of effort, since I approve of it in principle. The rulez this year are to find 5 blogs smaller than yours [ha!] and link to them. Ok, since it's largely Mustang Bobby's fault that I first started following blogs, I'll steal from him.

Boatboy has been a regular commenter at some of the blogs I follow, plus he's here in Florida, plus he's into boats, plus he's got a cat, plus he's politically to the right of me [not all that hard to do, almost everybody is politically to the right of me], so he gets all 5 of my links this year.


Boatboy_SRQ said...

Aw shucks... [blush] THANKS!

And I think we'll agree far more often than not - if you've been reading my commentary elsewhere you know where I stand...

Mustang Bobby said...

He said he knew you! I swear!


Good choice.

hipparchia said...

you're right bb, we do agree on quite a few things. either way, i'm looking forward to your blogging.

hipparchia said...

heya, mb! the day i first seriously started following blogs [you, bryan, steve gilliard] was a good day indeed.