Saturday, March 21, 2009

How long does it take for a cat to forget a mildly traumatic kittenhood incident?

About 17 months, apparently. Christopher Houdini has once again shown an interest in going out on walks with the dog.


Anonymous said...

Spring fever and interesting smells are good at erasing bad memories, plus there is a body guard.

hipparchia said...

he's just a tad larger now too. :twisted: he's definitely the biggest of all the interloper cats, and rivals curmudgeon cat [who is his own sofa cushion] in size.

bodyguard, yep. he definitely only wants to go out when the dog goes out. so far, he's shown zero interest in the great outdoors when i leave the apt on my own.

Archaeopteryx said...

Is he friends with the pooch?

hipparchia said...

yes and no. the dog thought they were all a lot cuter when they were a lot smaller. now they're all just hooligans.

this one is the most laid-back of all of them though, and he and the dog both hang out near each other in the same [relatively] quiet corner of the front room when mass catfits break out, so they're brothers under the fur, if not quite bff.

andante said...

I'd say "Be thankful". Pooping and shedding outside are to be encouraged.

hipparchia said...

heh. can't argue with THAT.

howsomever, i live near both a well-traveled highway and a neighbor who puts out traps and poisoned food for the stray cats and calls animal control religiously.

so, they're all indoor kitties for the nonce.