Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flood's Dr Dean email inbox

I get mail... from Democracy For America:

hipparchia -

Next week, Congress will begin making the actual decisions about what reforms will make it into this year's healthcare bill.

Our actions over the next few days and weeks will be critical in building the support we need to win.

Meanwhile, conservative groups have launched a new assault on inclusion of a public healthcare option like Medicare. Their million-dollar ad campaign claims that healthcare will be rationed and "bureaucrats" will "decide the treatments you receive." It's an old message that you and I know isn't true, but it will stick if we don't fight back with our message of Choice, Competition, and Comfort.*

So we're holding an emergency online briefing on Monday night with Governor Howard Dean, M.D. at 9pm Eastern to make sure we're all ready for the fight ahead. This is a joint Stand with Dr. Dean event hosted by MoveOn, one of our biggest campaign partners.

All you need to join in is a computer with speakers and an internet connection. Please join us.

Emergency Online Briefing with Dr. Dean Monday, May 4, 9pm Eastern

Hosted on's web site


P.S. If you would like to share a personal healthcare horror story or submit a specific question for Dr. Dean before the event, you can do that by clicking here.

Every time DFA sends me an email, I reply asking them to unequivocally support single payer. Imagine my glee at being given the opportunity to fill up yet another email inbox with

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I'm also planning to listen in on the forum, if RL doesn't intervene.

Meanwhile, some choice tidbits from the Stand with Dr Dean website FAQ [yes, I've, um, edited it a tad] --



Americans deserve the right to choose their own healthcare. Congress must act to give Americans more choices for their personal healthcare by allowing universal availability of a public healthcare option like all of us to have an expanded and improved Medicare. Limiting choice to for-profit insurance or a quasi-public plan modeled on existing for-profit plansonly, is the same broken healthcare system we have right now.


Capitalism thrives on competition. The more healthcare choices the American consumer has to choose from the harder the healthcare supplier will work to be chosen. [And when you can't beat the competition, you can always join them, or eat them.] A public healthcare option would bring new competition into the market without driving lower prices and incentives for better service and care.


There is no need to create something new or unfamiliar to the American people. Americans already know about for-profit insurance and they already know about Medicare. Medicare has been around for over 40 years. Most people know someone over the age of 65 already on Medicare. There is nothing new about Medicare and people are comfortable with it, now we need to make a public option like Medicare available to all Americans.

There, fixed it for ya, Dr Dean.

Meanwhile, as long as you're sitting at your computer, has a new fax flood campaign this weekend, this one to the Senate Finance committee.

If you haven't already sent them a few $$ to put Dr Jess on tv, you can do that here. The first Mike Farrell ad is on! Yay!

And if you've got a well-heeled group with money to burn, you can put Dr Jess on your local tv airwaves too!

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