Sunday, July 05, 2009

Step 1: Put cat in bath


Bryan said...

I'm sorry, but the jugular is a vein and does not spurt. It is carotid artery that spurts in a spectacular fashion.

As the owner of a cat with a skin condition that required frequent baths, I can't recommend a neck protector made from an old steel-belted radial tire highly enough. It is worn over the upturned collar of a Levi's jacket [accept no substitutes].

hipparchia said...

your misfortune to not have a curmudgeon cat.

also, this is his idea of being cuddly. reminded me of your travails with income.

Bryan said...

That is about the size of it. You would think that a 15 to 1 weight advantage would help, but it doesn't.

hipparchia said...

they're that way with beds too. amazing how the average-sized cat can take up 90% of a king-size bed and there's no way to dislodge them.

cat zen: become one with the furniture