Saturday, September 12, 2009

Eric Massa shrine post

[continuing to steal the idea; anthony weiner here]

Eric Massa, at a protest of AHIP: "We are not radicals. We are not a fringe element. We are men and women who want to provide for our families."

Eric Massa has read HR3200 four times, and will not vote for it as it's written now.


Bryan said...

While NY-29 was long a Republican stronghold, the region has been plagued with jobs outsourcing and plant closings.

The Republicans probably hold an edge in voter registration, but the people in the district need help, and the Republicans haven't provided it.

Massa should be in good shape for re-election.

hipparchia said...

Massa should be in good shape for re-election.

that's good.

i hadn't heard of him until he appeared on the single payer horizon, and was surprised at how centrist he was when i took time to look more closely. and now i find out he's a disenchanted republican [which is probably the best kind of republican to be].

he wasn't kidding about not being a radical.

same for anthony weiner btw. he's fairly middle of the road too it seems. none of which should really come as a surprise... as the inimitable molly ivins put it: that is the center, you fools!