Sunday, January 03, 2010

And how did you spend your Saturday night?

I spent mine at the doggie emergency room.

We are back home now, the dog's staggering around scared all the cats, but I've managed to convince him that lying quietly on his blanket really will help with that spinning-room feeling, and now if he'll agree to just not throw up again for a half-hour or so until the dramamine can take effect... [been there, done that, vertigo is teh suxxor].

Looks like it's probably old dog vestibular, which resolves itself in a week or two, but gosh that was a lot throwing up he did earlier this evening, so he got some fluids too while we were at the vet.

Any interrupted blog and email conversations will have to resume after I've had a nice long nap.


Bryan said...

That's a bummer. I wonder if the cold weather triggered it, like my sinus problems?

hipparchia said...

always possible i suppose. i've had bouts of vertigo that seemed to be triggered by sinus problems.

he's feeling pretty sorry for himself right now, and i'm feeling sorry for both of us. the cats have gone back to sleep, when they're not demanding food.

Steve Bates said...

Poor dog! Poor you! You both have a right to feel sorry for yourselves after a night like that!

Having recently experienced vertigo or something like it myself, I understand the reason for the dog's complaint. Then there's always that Ogden Nash poem in which a man steps out of a skyscraper window (back when that was possible); one witness asks another, "Has he vertigo?" and the other replies, "Oh no, only about ten feet more." Please keep yourselves healthy, both you and the dog.

hipparchia said...

"Has he vertigo?"

i'd forgotten this one! thanks for the reminder.

we've been back to the vet, things got worse monday, so more [and stronger] medicines, more fluids, and special food to tempt him to eat. and because he's afraid to try to navigate, he refuses to sleep anywhere else besides the doorway [always been his favorite spot], which is drafty, so because of the mega-brrrrrrrr weather, it was off to the store last night for weatherstripping and a dogbed with sides [no not that one, a cheaper knock-off].

he's eating and drinking again, and seems to think the bed is ok [until recent years he refused to sleep on a blanket or even on the carpet] so we'll see.