Thursday, February 11, 2010

Oh, look! Blogger loves me after all!

I haven't a clue what's been going on lately, but Blogger has not wanted me to blog apparently. Which hasn't been a real hardship, since real life hasn't wanted me to have time for blogging either.

To catch up...

The dog is doing much better, though only time will tell if this is a remission of something serious or a clearing up of something [mostly] innocuous.

Curmudgeon cat is the same, still too thin, but 100% himself personality-wise, and elbows all the others out of the way whenever food is involved.

Speaking of food, I think I've mentioned that several of the interloper cats like brushing even more than they like yummy food, and a few of them won't come out of hiding for either of those enticements. I have finally found a foolproof method for counting noses on nights like this, when the weather is cold and rainy and expected to turn to ice, sleet, and snow. Catnip. It turns out that all 27 cats are drug fiends. And no, I don't think I have 54 cats, it's just that it looks that way when I bring out the herb supply. Meanwhile, all 136 of them are safe inside tonight.


Bryan said...

Blogger has been weird lately as I work down the blogroll, telling me that sites I visit every day don't exist until the third or fourth time I click on them.

Good to hear the news about Black Dog. Cats do get skinnier with age - just as aggressive to get to the food, but they eat less.

Strange, but my crew aren't into 'nip much, even the stuff I grow for them every year. It's always good to have something that will get their attention - the cat food dishes work for me.

hipparchia said...

i wonder if yours would like valerian or honeysuckle.

i've considered trying a honeysuckle scratching post for my hooligans.

stekome said...
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