Thursday, March 22, 2007

Please call your member of congress today

in my e-mail inbox, from Kucinich 2008:

Dear Friends,

Four years ago this week, in violation of international law, standing upon a mountain of lies, the United States went to war against the people of Iraq. Our nation now has the moral responsibility for the deaths of as many as 650,000 to one million innocent Iraqi civilians, for the destruction of Iraq, and the theft of billions of dollars in oil assets.

Those who told lies to take us into war should be held accountable under the U.S. Constitution and at the International Criminal Court.

Instead of true accountability on the war, this week Congress may give the President and Vice President more than $100 billion to keep the war going through the end of their term. More war, more civilian deaths, more U.S. soldiers killed or maimed. Less money for housing, for health care, for education, for seniors here at home as we borrow money from Beijing to keep the war going in Baghdad.

Instead of accountability, the appropriations bill will mandate the privatization of $6 trillion in Iraq oil assets, and it will provide money which can be used to attack Iran in an attempt to grab another $6 trillion in Iranian oil assets for the oil companies.

We must support the troops, stop the war, end the occupation, and support HR 1234.

Please call your member of congress today.

Thank you,

Dennis J Kucinich

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