Monday, June 16, 2008


The good news: there's gluten-free beer to be had.

The bad news: you have to go to Finland to get it.

Otoh, while you're there for beer, you could get medical care, a bear dog or two, and oh, those choirs! [h/t]


Unknown said...

I rather suppose it would be worth the trip. Of course, I need very little incentive to travel to places where I have never been!

hipparchia said...

i'm with you, nick, i don't need much incentive for traveling to new places either. if i were to one day win the lottery, i wouldn't buy stuff, i'd go places.

i've got friends from norway [even tried to learn the language once, long ago] and from sweden nd denmark, but not finland that i know of. not that this would keep me from going there to visit should the chance come up.