Monday, June 16, 2008



andante said...

As the servant of four of those little buggers, I can confidently predict those sharp little teeth will meet that ankle at any moment.

hipparchia said...

four! i knew you had a pack, but i didn't realize it was a mega-pack.

my favorite chihuahua story:

i worked for a vet in high school, and we had two chihuahuas ['brothers'] that were regular visitors, as boarders mostly. the older one was partly deaf and partly blind, and always very cross. he depended on his younger 'brother' to help him navigate the world, and the standing orders were to never ever separate them.

i came into work one day to find that yes, someone had put them in separate cages. *sigh* i was delegated to rememdy this and there ws nothing to do but reach into the cage and take the hit [the protective gloves we had were too stiff and heavy and large for for me, and this old guy was so tiny].

sure enough, he latched onto my finger like a tiny pit bull and started gumming me to death. i had to stand there and laugh for some minutes, because up to that point i hadn't known that he only had 3 or 4 teeth left, and fortunately all of them missed me.

dogs, the smaller the package, the bigger the attitude to make up for it. can't say i blame them a bit.

also, i'm really, really glad to hear your good news. doing another little happy dance in celebration

andante said...



"the smaller the package, the bigger the attitude to make up for it"

Truer words were never spoken. They think they are Rottweilers.

I must refer you here.

For years we had one dear little fellow who thought he was more like a tiger. When we went camping I would walk him and meet other campers walking well-mannered German Shepherds, Great Danes, and other huge critters.

My little 5 pound guy would bark at them like a moron. The other dogs looked at him as if to say "Hmmm...breakfast".

We started our (present) Chihuahua herd after my 'baby' died suddenly by rescuing three littermates; the fourth is my 'grandpuppy', owned by my daughter. She can't have him in her apartment so guess-who ended up with him. He has taken up permanent residence on my lap.

hipparchia said...

yo quiero ankles! i love it.

yep, that's the peril of letting one's parents take temporary custody of one's pets. it always turns into permanent custody, even when we're once again able to provide them with proper homes.