Sunday, August 10, 2008

Puppycide, again

Puppycide: the rules
Just so we’re all clear, here…
  • The police can kill the family pet with near impunity. But threaten a police dog that startles you, and you’ll find yourself in jail with a $100,000 bond.

  • If the police invade your home, even on a mistake, they can kill your dog with impunity. But if an escaped police dog wanders on to your property and threatens your family, you have to just let it continue to threaten them. Shoot it, and you’re looking at a third-degree felony.

It's scary enough that in the oh-so-successful War On Drugs we have to worry about no-knock police raids at the wrong addresses, generally with SWAT teams or their ilk, but apparently it's common practice to shoot any dogs in the house. As the human companion of a largish fluffy black dog that looks very much like one of the breeds that everyone is afraid of, I don't expect my best friend to survive if my home is ever mistakenly raided. I've even considered posting a sign on the front door: Please don't shoot the dog.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who shoots a dogs out of hand is a pretty worthless excuse of a human being.

If you don't have the presence of mind to pepper spray a threatening dog, like the postal service does, then you shouldn't be carrying a gun.

The case of shooting the two labs was totally uncalled for - a lab might lick you to death, but I've never known one to bite. Throw something and they have been bred to go after it automatically.

hipparchia said...

they often use labs for drug dogs, but i've never heard of them being used for patrol dogs. you'd think that police officers would understand this.

then again, various people over the years have asked me if my [very fluffy] dog is a rottweiler. it finally dawned on me that since i lived in a questionable neighborhood, maybe i should be answering 'yes, he is.'

the dog and i were at the park a few years ago, when i saw a dad, distracted by his 3 young kids for a few minutes, rush off and leave the family dog, a nice big galumphy yellow lab, unattended briefly. the lab instantly found a chicken bone in the trash, and since the family was too far way to get to him, i, a complete stranger to this dog, ran up and snatched that chicken bone right out of his mouth. he looked a bit disappointed at first, but then started merrily wagging his tail and licking my hands because i was his newest bestest friend. they're wonderful dogs.

Anonymous said...

They aren't very bright, and you can't keep them out of the water if there is any around, but about the only dogs I worry about are those staked outside. If the dog knows it can't escape, it will go very defensive and might bite.

hipparchia said...

labs, they're adorable.

yep, tying them up outdoors is bad bad bad. seriously warps their personalities, not that you can the poor pups. i've owned one fear-biter in my life, it's a tough characteristic to overcome, and basically you can't fully trust such a dog ever again, though with proper gentle rehabilitation, they can make great pets for just the right person.