Wednesday, August 13, 2008

September 10:

from the inbox ---

Dear Friends,

On August 1st, I delivered to Speaker Nancy Pelosi; a petition bearing the names of over 100,000 Americans that, like us, feel that the President must be held accountable for abusing executive power and disregarding his Constitutional obligations.

Your voices have been heard and your support continues to send a powerful message to lawmakers. That is why I call on you again to help us in a new effort to deliver 1 Million signatures to Speaker Pelosi on September 10, 2008.

Together we can:

  • Urge real Congressional action to hold President Bush accountable now

  • Reinstate the authority of our Constitution

  • Document crimes committed by President Bush for historical account

  • Facilitate post-Administration law enforcement and prosecution

  • Reset the standard for the incoming and future administrations

  • Demand justice for the over 3,000 who died on 9/11and whose deaths were tragically exploited to take us into an illegal war in Iraq

  • Demand justice for the estimated 30,324 U.S. military personnel who have been injured/wounded

  • Demand justice for the estimated 4,138 U.S. military personnel who have been killed or died

  • Demand justice for the 1 Million innocent Iraqis who have died*

  • Avert another illegitimate looming war – this time against Iran

We need your active participation to deliver 1 Million signatures to Congress by September 10, 2008.

Please give at least ten of your friends the opportunity to stand up for our country – the way you and I have, by inviting them to sign the impeachment petition online at Send your friends an email invitation to sign the petition by clicking here.

Together we can make September 10, the day before the world changed, a day we change the world!

Thank you for your active and ongoing citizenship.

Dennis Kucinich


Anonymous said...

He should be impeaching Cheney first.

hipparchia said...

he did. he's already brought articles of impeachment against cheney, stalled in committee, iirc. now it's bush's turn.

impeachment is just the indictment/investigation part of it, and falls under the jurisdiction of the house. the trial and conviction [or acquittal] are the senate's purview.

if this process had got off the ground 2 or 3 years ago, we'd have had to impeach/try/convict/remove cheney first before beginning impeachment against bush, or else we would have had to impeach them both at the same time in order to avoid getting stuck with president cheney.

as it is, with 6 months +/- left in this administration, we're unlikely to get to the trial/conviction/removal of bush, even if the impeachment and investigation were to go forward. i figure this bush impeachment will suffer the same as his earlier cheney impeachment, but i'm thrilled to see it getting even this far.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking it's a mainly symbolic act at this point, but it's important symbolism. There will have to be war crimes trials and it will probably have to be in the Hague, which might take awhile. They can't start proceedings until all domestic avenues are foreclosed.