Monday, October 13, 2008


One month ago today, on Sept 13, hurricane Ike made landfall at Galveston, and a week later I was paying $4.11 for gas. Today I paid$3.11. One week from today, on October 20, Florida early voting starts.

update, oct 19 -- i just paid $2.73 a couple of hours ago.


Anonymous said...

I paid $2.989 on the weekend, and today it is $2.899. The tank farms are local, so it is always cheaper here.

hipparchia said...

i've noticed that when i've traveled east [or west, for that matter]. i've heard friends say they've found gas at around $2.89, bur mostly we seem to be in some kind of black hole here as far as gasoline prices go, always higher than everybody around us.

Anonymous said...

Because of Eglin AFB there is a large fuel delivery storage area on the edge of the base, and it is shipped in by barge.

The other tank farm on the coast is in Mobile.

Pensacola is stuck in the middle requiring delivery by truck from one or the other of those two facilities, meaning a 100 mile round trip.

If you head East of me to the new development in Walton County, the prices are obscene because of the transportation costs.

hipparchia said...

and once you get to tallahassee, gas gets cheaper again, at least if you know where to look [or used to, i haven't been that far east in the past few years].

Archaeopteryx said...

It's 2.57 in Monticello, Arkansas. Why we're always the cheapest, I can't say. Perhaps some sort of karmic exchange for the fact that we live in southeast Arkansas.

hipparchia said...

y'all are probably doping yours with moonshine.