Monday, October 20, 2008

It's McCain by a whisker -- so far

in Florida, as of yesterday, but my dad, who is sometimes right about these things, thinks that Colin Powell's endorsement will reverse that and give Obama the lead by Election Day.


ellroon said...

Yes, please.

Archaeopteryx said...

Your dad's lips to "God's" ear.

Steve Bates said... thinks Florida leans to Obama right at the moment. That includes the Rasmussen poll you point to. It's within the MOE, but a lot of the newer polls they list appear to me to be more favorable to Obama. I wouldn't count on either outcome, but just looking at FiveThirtyEight's numbers, it's certainly possible your father is correct here. (At the link above, scroll down to the Poll Detail list on the right, then scroll further down to Florida.)