Monday, December 22, 2008

Making a list, checking it twice...

As DCblogger notes, it looks like Ted Kennedy is ready to abandon single payer and get on board with ObamaCare. Oh noes!

Healthcare-NOW! has a form letter that you can print out and mail to Senator Kennedy, but ever since the anthrax brouhaha, mail to Congress and the President has gone through a decontamination process. This has created a real bottle neck, and letters can take weeks, or even months, to reach their destination.

So, I was going to send Senator Kennedy an e-mail, when I thought: I know! I'll send him a Christmas card!

Making the card turned out to be waaaay too much fun, and I got a little carried away... If you want to send any of these cards [or make your own cards] to the President-Elect, or your Senator, or your Representative, or anybody else you can think of, now you know how.

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