Saturday, December 13, 2008

RIP, Traveling Turtle Girl

So long, and thanks for all the photos. It has been a real treat seeing my favorite place on earth through the eyes, and heart, of another turtle lover.


Anonymous said...

I first saw this over at Pensacola Beach Blog. Barrier Island Girl and I filled in for John when he took a vacation and she mentioned Kirsten.

The only reason we still have turtles over here is the fact that the Air Force still controls most of our end of the Island, and dedicated people like Kirsten care.

hipparchia said...

i found her blog just a few months ago, when the 'drill here, drill now' started up in earnest, by googling sea+turtle+pensacola+beach.

years and years ago, i spent some of my late summer nights as a volunteer baby sea turtle herder. twenty-something years later, it was such a joy to find someone who was not only taking good care of the great-great-grandkids of 'my' turtles, but blogging about it too. with photos.

i got the email a few days ago, and took some time going through the turtle photos, trying to decide which baby picture i liked best. this one's the most iconic though, by far, and it makes smile every time i think of her being one of her sea turtles.