Sunday, January 25, 2009

New favorite web toy

Ever found something on the web and wondered what language it was?

I found this one goodness knows how, but watched it for the horses. I thought at first that I even recognized a couple of words [after 20 years!] but after looking at the accompanying text decided it couldn't be Turkish after all.

It's Croatian [or possibly Serbian or Bosnian].

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Anonymous said...

It is a commentary on the Turkic peoples, like the Tatar, the Nogai, the Turkmeni, and the Turks, and the comments are in Turkish.

The Тюрк is Turk in the Cyrillic alphabet, which some of the Turkic peoples who were in the Soviet Union used.

Turkish describes those in the modern nation, Turkic is all of the associated peoples in the ethnic group.