Friday, August 21, 2009


most of mine prefer touchy-feely. And like the yard sign that says
This property guarded by pit bulls three days a week -- You guess which three

I'll leave you to wonder which of teh 12 kittehz fall into which cat-e-gory.

funny pictures of cats with captions


Bryan said...

It's much easier with the ferals - the only reason they don't run away is food, and human is one of their food groups.

That looks a lot like putting Dot in a carrier for a vet visit.

hipparchia said...

human is one of their food groups.


the ferals around here, the ones living outdoors, are fairly shy. a few people are feeding them, but i'm not sure anybody's trying to trap them, and only a couple of people have taken in very young kittens that i know of.

i've got 2 for sure who would look like that if i tried to put them in carriers. 5 of the black ones don't seem to realize they've even got claws, let alone know what to do with them.

this one has learned that she can stand in front of me while i'm at the computer, and slooooowly reach out, and ever so gently touch me on the face with one claw, and that this will get her all the petting, brushing, and backscratching a kitteh could ask for.