Thursday, August 13, 2009

I've always said that Woman's Best Friend is a Big Black Dog

but this would work.

funny pictures of cats with captions


Bryan said...

Yeah, but if he refuses to eat JWs or Mormons for religious reasons, your food budget will spike.

hipparchia said...

yeah, we don't exactly have a population boom of gazelles in the neighborhood either.

the problem with outdoor kittehz, they always gift you with the uneaten pieces of their prey. the odd dismembered hand or foot lying around in the front yard would tend to keep out the undesirables, but what a mess when you run over them with the lawn mower.

cat said...

Years ago...a friend of mine had a dog. He was half Chow and half Saint Bernard. She called him "Bear." And that's what he looked like, no shit. He looked like a small black bear, but totally black (no brown snout, etc).

He weighed 135 pounds!

To see them together, omfg. He looked like he was TWICE her size, when really he wasn't - she weighed about 100 to 105 pounds.

She drove a shitty green Pinto. Heh. I cannot describe what THAT looked like, him in that car with her. Gotta go. Laughing too hard.

hipparchia said...

lovely story! yep, i can just see them in that pinto. thanks for the laugh.

mine looks something like a bear too, if you only see his face, especially in dim light. i've pulled up to 3 or 4 driveup windows at mcdonalds or taco bell or wherever and had to reassure the poor person taking my money or handing me my food that no it's not a bear in the car with me. took me 6 months to think of a name for him, but i was determined to NOT name him bear.