Friday, October 23, 2009

When I win the lottery

I am going to buy myself a new car. Not just any car, it's got to have a heated drivers seat. Until then I will just have to content myself with green-eyed jealousy of some burdz on the internets.

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Bryan said...

If you are going to get heated seats, don't even consider having anything liquid on or around the seats. Also be real sure you totally understand the control before you use it.

Sheepskin seat covers are cheaper, and a hell of a lot safer.

hipparchia said...

i've had the sheepskin seat covers [both fake and real]. they're nice.

the car i've got now has fairly cozy seats, but the heater doesn't work for crap. that's because it's got a hugely efficient radiator, which given the climate here, is more useful, but i hate hate hate being cold.

Bryan said...

A friend of my Mother's had them in a SUV and she nearly blistered my backside before she figured out that she was turning up the passenger's seat, not the driver's seat.

twif said...

i've had heated seats for the past 9 years. not giving them up. can't say i've ever had any safety concerns in either car. they're especially handy in the old saturn, since it's got leather (chilly in the winter, that). new car (forester) has a windshield de-icer too, which i expect to come in handy with the lack of a parking garage at work.

i find them not only handy in the winter, but also as a psuedo-heating pad when my lower back decides to misbehave.

hipparchia said...


yes, the heating pad function for back problems is an added feature i'd make full use of. i've been known to go out and sit in my car in the middle of a summer afternoon just for that reason when the seats are heated by passive solar [so environmentally correct of me!]

but what is this de-icer of which you speak?

hipparchia said...

bryan, that's why i'd have just the drivers side heated. i'm pretty sure i'd end up toasting some poor soul too if i had more than one control to choose from.