Sunday, October 11, 2009

Who needs expensive, store-bought

fluffy, when you can have home-made for so much less?

funny pictures of cats with captions

That's how we do things here at chez hipparchia.


Keifus said...

Even so, Fluffy's house training has still exceeded expectations.

BadTux said...

Same deal in Chez Badtux :).

hipparchia said...


the dog likes pulling all the kleenexes out of the box and will even shred a few on occasion, but other than that, i've never had any pets with this fetish for shredding paper products.

most of the shredding happens when i'm not around, but i've caught at least 4 of them at it. some of their creations have been quite artistic.

hipparchia said...


don't laugh, but at least one of them has been known to sweep all the shreds of toilet paper into a pile and use that for an alternate litter box. fortunately, this has been limited to the linoleum-floor bathroom.

BadTux said...

The Mighty Fang has a fetish for both toiletries and rubber bands. Rubber bands kept disappearing off the doorknob in the living room. One evening I hear a snap, I peer out my bedroom door, and there's the cat reaching up and pulling a rubber band down to where he can chew on it. Grr! He also enjoys pulling kleenexes out of the box and licking them until they get big holes in them. And of course the toilet paper does not live on the hanger. It is on a shelf above the toilet, protected by other items so he can't easily get to it without major mayhem. Which does present some embarrassment when forget to take it down prior to sitting down for a dump, but less mess :).

Mencken, on the other hand, could care less about paper products. His hobby is projectile puking, preferably on something important or expensive (heh!).

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin