Friday, December 11, 2009

Becaue I like Dan Gelber

I'll post his latest plea for donations.


Over the last two weeks, the Legislature was called into a Special Session to settle critical issues regarding mass transit throughout our state. The legislature bans fundraising during Session, but a loophole exists for “prescheduled” fundraisers. Because I felt it was only right to put my entire focus on my job as a legislator, I decided not to avail myself of the loophole and canceled all my fundraisers during the Special Session. I was the only candidate in this race to do so, and now I really need to make up for lost ground.

If you haven’t contributed to the campaign yet, I could really use your support now.

Fundraising is not a virtue, but in a state as large as Florida it is a necessity. Sorry for the hard sell but I’m proud of the way my campaign is conducting itself, and hope you are to. We need leadership that is not business as usual – and I hope you’ll support me because you believe that I will be different.

If you have already contributed please consider helping out again and passing this on to your friends and family.

Thanks again and have a terrific holiday season.


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