Thursday, December 24, 2009

Meowy Christmas!

funny pictures of cats with captions


Keifus said...

You too, Hep-cat.

(Finished Heart of Darkness last week. That makes, uh, two so far.)

Bryan said...

С Рождеством Христовым, Hipparchia, [or the Solstice holiday of your choice.]

hipparchia said...

thanks, bryan! i've been known to celebrate whatever solstice holiday those around me are celebrating. i grew up singing in church choirs, so i have much fondness for that music, plus i like lights lights lights, but beyond that i'm happy to be celebrating.

grrr, keifus. reading fell by the wayside this year. you are 2 ahead of me. on the bright side, it looks like my city is really going to go ahead with the remodeling/expansion of the main library [soonish, not right away] and my frantic schedule should slow down this year. expect to be passed in 2010.

ellroon said...

Have a Happy and a Merry, hipparchia, whatever your choice of merriment!

hipparchia said...

hey, ellroon!

thanks, and much merriment of your choice to you too!