Saturday, November 04, 2006

Health? Care?

The US health care system doesn't. Care about health, that is. Unless it's CEOs caring about the health of their bank accounts.

Over the course of my insured and uninsured life, I've gone from believing in the market solution, aka Competition Will Set You Free -- Buy My Insurance Plan! No, Buy MY Insurance Plan! No, Buy MINE! -- to facing up to reality.

I've whined before, many times, and no doubt will do so again, about corporate greed, corrupt politicians, and the clueless masses who enable the first two.

But not right now.

Angry Bear, my new favorite economist-blogger, has a series of seven posts on "The U.S. Healthcare System" [links are in his lefthand sidebar, under "Topics"]. I'll start you off with the first installment here: The Real Crisis.

Right now, I'm leaning towards Congressman John Conyers' The United States National Health Insurance Act, H.R. 676 [“Expanded & Improved Medicare For All”]

I've only skimmed most of the the articles, posts, and links so far, so I can't make any informed comment yet.


Anonymous said...

Hey, this isn't the least bit turgid! I guess I'll have to give it time. Thanks for the link to Angry Bear--looks interesting, but too involved for me to invest my pointless free time just now--will need to save it for wasting my valued work hours.


hipparchia said...

what?! are you calling my post limp?!

well, i did warn you i wouldn't be up to actual discussion without doing a bit more research.

like you, i expect that my research might spill over from lunch hour into company time.

Anonymous said...

I think I better get a dictionary.

hipparchia said...

no, no new comments. just checking to see that beta blogger works.