Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Stand up!

Papieren, bitte.


Anonymous said...

I saw this over on IOZ's page, but only now just watched the video. It's awful.

I wish I could rescind my comment over there. That didn't remind me at all of all that late-night questioning back in grad school.

hipparchia said...

i'm with you. when i first heard/read about this, and again when i read IOZ' post, i didn't think much about it either.

i silently agreed with his "None of your goddamn business" is a human right. and then moved on to other things.

besides, i can never get those crooksandliars.com videos to run on either of my computers, so i didn't even bother to follow that link.

yesterday, idly surfing the web, i stumbled over a small item [i'll paraphrase]: over on youtube is the entire video of the ucla taser incident, not the edited versions you've been seeing on the news.

youtube i can do; i had to go check it out.

i'm still feeling sick to my stomach.