Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'll lay down.

...under power. I like that one.

If you surf through the pages and pages of taser videos in YouTube, you can find a recurring theme:

cop [tasers suspect]
suspect [falls down]
cop "Get up, or I'll taser you again!"
suspect [fails to comply]
cop [tasers suspect]

WTF?! Don't cops all have to get tasered themselves before they're allowed to use tasers on actual people? Don't they understand that of course the suspect is not going to comply with any commands to get up, or roll over, or what have you, while under power?

Probably there are situations where a taser is the best weapon. Most likely, there are a lot of good cops, none of whom abuse suspects in this fashion.


There sure were an awful lot of big burly cops in that UCLA library. Surely they could have just picked up one measly student and carried him out.


daveto said...


i'm going to say it, because i don't think cops (or loved ones of cops, etc) would have a problem with it: these guys are/were sooo close to being on the other side. not all of course, but for most it's that but for the grace of God thing, it's like a coin toss which side of the law they land on.

so, you know, by far your best strategy with these guys: use short words and don't get them pissed off.


hipparchia said...

cops spend much of their workday managing unmanageable people. i can't fault them for trying to minimize the time and effort they put into any one encounter.

but, still...

daveto said...


I'm here and you ain't(!)

Hey, speaking of cops, [you know, my latest]

hipparchia said...

actually, you are here, listed, appropriately i think, as a renegade.

but, yeah, bang x50 or more.

daveto said...

she's baaaa-aaaaack.

i'm sure my advice must've done the trick (ducks).

thanks for that link (back there), i'm going to show it to my wife, she faced some dicey times in her way-back teaching days.

p.s. though: could anybody shoot a kid before the kid fired a shot?

hipparchia said...

um, yes.

but that's the point [or one of them] of the training: to be able to shoot -- and shoot to kill -- that kid before he can pick up that gun and shoot -- and possibly kill -- that whole classroom full of students.


anyways, the lecture [one of a series on the legal system] that i went to last night was on the juvenile justice system.

i couldn't get either of the speakers to admit to any hard numbers, but they told us we'd be surprised at the number of students assaulting teachers these days. i'd be interested to hear what your wife has to say.

oh, and yeah yeah yeah, but you stole that from chantay. that'll go on your permanent record.