Sunday, May 25, 2008

470 mountains were destroyed to bring you this post

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Also, you might be interested in the relationship between poverty level and mine location.


Anonymous said...

So making a major federal investment in green technology and public works for Appalachia will improve their economic well-being as well as reduce our dependence on coal and its pollutants, which include not only greenhouse gases but mercury emissions.

hipparchia said...

kind of a northward [and green] expansion of the tva then?

is there a green energy technology suited to heavily forested mountains that are frequently covered in mist and clouds? because i'd dearly love to see us stop levelling the appalachian mountains.

Anonymous said...

Well, yeah. Hemp grows nicely. It's the number one cash crop in Kentucky, I found out.

hipparchia said...


as long as we don't have to cut down the forests to plant it.

Anonymous said...

the forests are precisely where it is grown now, the cover is useful.

Not that I think hemp is going to be invested in by the government now, but for what it's worth we used to pay farmers well for it, as when we needed hemp for wwii. hemp for victory.

I'm sure the TVA expansion is more politically realistic at the moment.

hipparchia said...

good to know. ranks right up there with shade-grown coffee, then.

i saw that hemp for victory video on your blog. i keep meaning to post about that. our family farm grew hemp for ww2. growing industrial hemp is certainly something i'd like to see come back.

not to mention the medicinal possibilities of weed. :)