Sunday, May 25, 2008

Trying to reason with hurricane season

Hurricane season is almost upon us, time to stock up on bottled water, non-perishable food, MREs if you can get them, batteries, flashlights, prescription medications, pet food, bleach, etc.

And if you live in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas, you'll need your papers.
Hurricane season starts June 1. In the event of a hurricane in the region, emergency officials predict more than 130,000 evacuees will leave the Valley by school bus. They will be checked for identification and citizenship before they can board.

Anyone who is not a citizen or is not a legal resident will be held in specially designed areas in the Valley that are “made to withstand hurricanes,” said Dan Doty, a Border Patrol spokesperson for the Valley sector.


Unknown said...

Here tornado season is (should be) at an end. I am breathing a sigh of great relief. May you be able to do the same when hurricane season ends.

hipparchia said...

thanks, nick. glad y'all made it through. i've seen a couple of tornadoes, not from all that close, thank goodness. i'd rather have hurricanes.