Monday, May 26, 2008

Florida wants your kids to be SMRT

A handful of Floridians have been fighting off the unIntelligent Design wackos who want your kids to actively resist learning sciece. That's not news, this fight has beeen going on for ages, but now there's a new wrinkle: we can save a lot of money, and keep Teh Kidz safe from Evilooshun, if we just stop paying for schools entirely!

It's not quite that bad yet, but according to this article in the St Petersburg Times, we're getting there. This next year will be the first time that a greater share of the public school budget will come from local property taxes than from state taxes.

Doesn't sound all that horrible on first reading, local control over schools and all that jazz, except that we've recently passed this pesky little amendment making it practically unconstitutional to pay property taxes, and in a market where property values are soaring like lead balloons, no less.



Unknown said...

The “unIntelligent Design wackos” are just that: wackos—dangerous wackos, but still wacko.

I adore that kitty!

Anonymous said...

And people wonder why I'm so angry about the primary election - the election that changed the property tax system.

They want to destroy the government.

Bin Laden just needs to wait in his cave, the GOP is doing his work for him.

hipparchia said...

They want to destroy the government.

that's the bottom line. i get really frustrated too with people who can't see this. i used to travel a lot, so didn't keep up with local politics much, and haven't quite got back into the habit of it, but even i could see the outlines of disaster here.

i'd like for the dnc to seat the delegates and count our votes, but the real damage was done long before, back when the decision to disenfranchise florida voters was first made.

hipparchia said...

nick, this one is probably my favoritest lolcat evah. and yeah, the wackos are scary.