Monday, June 08, 2009

New favorite blogs

Ill and UNINSURED in Illinois, someone whose situation is even more dire than mine

The Peter Rost Blog
, because how can you not like a drug company whistleblower who posts pictures like this?


TenaciousK said...

Uhm, not to pry or anything, but is your situation dire in some way I'm not aware of? I mean, more dire than the typical misery of the human condition? Something more dire than owning far too many cats?

If so, I'm sorry to hear of it.

hipparchia said...

the short version

so right now i'm going naked, as they say. the lack of medical care isn't going to kill me [unless something new happens], but it's severely limiting what i can do.

the $50/month or so i spend on cat food for the 11 extras isn't going to come anywhere near paying either my past or future medical expenses, so fuck it, i'm going to blow it on feeding some useless cats instead of giving it to some useless insurance or hospital ceos.

Ill and Uninsured in Illinois said...

Thanks so much for the plug! If you're into cats and liberal politics, you might enjoy Ellen of the Tenth , too.

hipparchia said...

hi, illinois!

kind of you to drop by. i'm angered beyond words that those of us who need health care have to beg for it, but i'm more than happy to help publicize the conversation.

as for how i found you and ellen both, it was from my other hangout. good work!