Monday, June 15, 2009

"... [T]he Viscount Monckton of Brenchley

has calculated that Energy Secretary Chu’s modest proposal to paint all the world’s roads and rooftops white would cost $17 trillion this century, and would cut global temperature by just 0.2 Fahrenheit degrees..."

Yeah riiiight, like I'm gonna believe that dude can do math. Not.

Also, apparently he did this calculation per Rush Limbaugh's request.


Bryan said...

If he wasn't "Lord" Monckton, he would be under care, as they say.

hipparchia said...

does limbaugh's relying on him [monckton] to 'splain some climatology mean that he [limbaugh] should also be 'under care'?

that would be cool, cuz he definitely needs to be off the air.

Bryan said...

Conservatives are always impressed by titles. They believe that credibility can be a birthright, and not something that needs to be earned.

Limbaugh has less credibility than the flyers left under wiper blades, but too many can't figure that out.

hipparchia said...

i don't know about the titles, but i do know that the ultimate measure of credibility, in the eyes of conservatives, is $$$$$$$$$$$$.