Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here at chez hipparchia computer mouses are a favored prey:

funny pictures of cats with captions

but the predator/prey ratio is closer to this:

Hungry Hungry LOLcats

So I stopped at the store on the way home and bought the cheapest [$9.99] mouse in the store... the lighted [way cool blue] scroll wheel will be a help finding the mouse in a dark room [should I ever need that feature] but the eerie blue glow it's casting on the monitor screen is annoying.


Bryan said...

The proliferation of blue LEDs has led me to use a lot of electrical tape on equipment. They just seem to be a truly distracting color.

Since I use an optical mouse I just look for the red light, as it always seems to end up on its back.

hipparchia said...

i like the blue, it's my favorite actually, but not when it's an eerie glow right on the screen.

this is an optical mouse, so red light on one side and blue light on the other. very festive.

i confess to not knowing why anybody would want a lighted scroll wheel. the selling point for me was [a] the price [$9.99 for a cat toy is steep enough], and [b] the other brand at the same price was on a lower peg on the display rack.

BadTux said...

We could use Mr. Fluffykins at our office to deal with our mouse problem.

Oh wait, wrong kind of mouse ;).

- Badtux the Easily Amused Penguin

Steve Bates said...

I have two broadcast TV antennas (the switch to digital broadcast forced the purchase, and sometimes they even work) which have blue LEDs bright enough that I literally couldn't sleep because of the illumination. Electrical tape would have been a good solution, but instead I moved to a house in which I don't have to sleep in the same room with the antenna... not exactly a minimal-expense solution. :)

hipparchia said...

yep, i can use the scroll wheel on this mouse for a flashlight if i don't have to go more than a few feet away from the computer [it's wired].

moving across town to avoid your tv antenna, yeah i'd call that an extreme measure. :D

hipparchia said...

i know an entire tribe of fluffy [and sleek] little predators y'all could adopt, badtux. they're death on electronic prey, but they don't limit themselves to that....

BadTux said...

Sadly, our VP of Marketing is allergic to cats, though she says that if that blasted mouse scampers across the office in front of her feet one more time, she's going to dose herself up on enough antihistamines to float a battleship and tell me to bring in my kittehs to deal with the problem. Not that I think my gang would deal with the problem. More likely, after seeing the mouse, they'd come up to me and go, "Meow?" As in, "Go fetch the mouse and bring it to us, staff!"

I think getting your gang from the East Coast to the West Coast might be a problem too ;).

- Badtux the Cat-owned Penguin

hipparchia said...

I think getting your gang from the East Coast to the West Coast might be a problem too.

you know not of whom you speak to. :D

if y'all have mice, jack russell terriers are actually a better bet than cats. or any terrier. heck, even a lot of yorkies haven't lost their terrier instincts.

plus, there's always snakes. loves them some mousies, snakes do.

"Go fetch the mouse and bring it to us, staff!"

yep, that's curmudgeon cat's view of mice too, except that he would add "... and then go throw it in the dumpster!" if you are ever plagued by hummingbirds, though, cc is your cat. i finally took down the feeders at my old place because i thought he and [no longer with us] marshmallow cat were going to take out all the windows in the apartment.

my pack of interloper hooligan cats though are very much into this predation thing, no matter what the object.