Friday, November 27, 2009

This one might come in handy someday

funny pictures of cats with captions


Bryan said...

It didn't freeze here, but cats have certainly been friendly.

hipparchia said...

the dog is thrilled, but this is the lower bound of my tolerance. i dug out my old ski suit and long underwear. i have yet to actually wear either of them, but one degree colder, and i'm there.

given the popularity of the freeze-dried liver last night, i can't say whether mine have gotten friendlier entirely because of the weather.

Steve Bates said...

Back in 1994, when the Houston Rockets finally won an NBA championship, the franchise put out a TV ad depicting a little devil emerging from a gate... the lock was frozen shut at first... cleaning up the ice and snow blocking the gate, then heading disgustedly back through the gate. The caption was simply "Houston Rockets 1994 NBA Champions" or some such.

hipparchia said...

"... dreaming of a whiiiiiite christmas..."