Friday, November 27, 2009

You decide

This was either the smartest thing I've ever done, petwise, or the stupidest.

I bought a bag of the beef liver PureBites dog treats and offered some to everybody. Instant hit, far more than the tripe.

Now I've got cats nibbling my fingers and licking the keyboard as I type, and the littlest cat grabbed the bag of treats and ran off with it. Cute, especially as she carried it over to the cat feeding station, dropped it into the food bowl, and only then started ripping into the bag.

If the camera had been handy, I would have tried to get you a picture, but I figured I'd better rescue the treats instead. Once I track down the camera though, I don't expect to have any trouble recreating the scene.


Bryan said...

You have a cat who shares???!!!!

hipparchia said...

probably not. i think she was running off to a convenient spot that had NO cats at the moment, seeing as how almost all of them were crowded around the keyboard or busy pushing each other out of my lap.

it was quite cute. the bag is almost as big as she is.