Sunday, December 16, 2007

The suicidal nihilists are coming to get us and they've got PMS!

If you can read all the way through this story without feeling at least a little bit sick, then maybe you need a new job.


mahakal said...

i hate to think what if she hadn't gotten that one sms out.

Steve Bates said...

Anyone who thought all the sadistic xenophobic bastards were at Abu Ghraib must rethink that assumption now. The incident was as bad as any I've seen described, but the worst of it is that a year from now, those same DHS sadists will occupy those same jobs. There will be no consequences for them. The Bushists will see to that.

I've noted before, from observation of Bush while he was Texas governor, that he is just plain mean. It's either his nature or his upbringing... maybe he got it from Bar... but it informs him completely, and after his experience as preznit, I believe there is nothing left of him but his meanness. So a DHS formed under Bush's direction inevitably will become staffed with mean people. There is no surprise here.

This must end. Until it does... until the worst of the DHS bullies are legally restrained... if I were a citizen of another country, I'd stay home. I'd stay home, and I'd organize a boycott of American travel. I feel sorry for people whose livelihoods depend on tourism in the meantime.

catnapping said...

I agree with Steve. I think other citizens from other countries should regard travel to the US as DANGEROUS.

I keep wondering how many other people this is happening to that haven't made it out. How many people are holed up in concentration camps and other such dungeons? This was a BLONDE, european...presumably not Muslim...and they treated this horribly! Can you imagine what they do to Middle-Easterners, Africans, and other brown people, especially Muslims and other non-Christians?

And people wonder why so many Native Americans are still pretending to be Christians.

hipparchia said...

it was embarrassing enough back when other countries were warning their citizens not to travel here because our outlaws were dangerous. now that it's the power structure that's gone rogue, it's worse than embarrassing.