Monday, February 04, 2008

All the candidates in this election have been bought

On ebay, that is. Barack Obama fetched the highest price: $455.

You can watch all the candidates being drawn here.

When I first spotted Jason's videos on YouTube, I thought: damn, he's got a good eye. Well, no wonder. From his bio on ebay:

Born in 1976, Jason Baalman was raised in Houston Texas. The early years were spent in studios under the mentorship of many artists. His work was first exhibited at the age of 8 and received numerous awards in juried shows throughout Texas. At the age of 10 he turned professional and competed at this level for another year. Art became a hobby at this time and continued as a self instructed passion. In 1995 Jason moved to Los Angeles to attend The University of Southern California where he studied Biomedical Engineering and Neuroscience with a research emphasis in visual perception.


Steve Bates said...

One has to wonder why he chose Sousa's Washington Post March as the accompaniment...

hipparchia said...