Sunday, February 10, 2008

Any excuse will do.

First, Iran was supplying Iraqi insurgents with bomb parts, then Iranians were fighting against us alongside Iraqi insurgents, then Iran was building nukes, and we had to designate their army as a bunch of terrorists because they were going to attack Israel.

Now Iran is on the verge of destabilizing our longtime friend and ally and source of oil -- Azerbaijan.

When do we get to put impeachment back on the table? It might be more useful if we do so before Bush orders an attack on Iran.


Unknown said...

hi hipparchia,

just wanted to know i haven't forgotten about you and am planning to add you to my blogroll.

real life has been incredibly hectic and i have not been able to attend to housekeeping duties at the blog.

thanks for your understanding

hipparchia said...

i have 12 cats. i understand about housekeeping.

ThePoliticalCat said...

Hello, Hipparchia,

I discovered you from the trail of breadcrumbs skippy left, thanks to the Blogroll Amnesty Day foofaraw.

I have only five cats, but they have offered to bribe your twelve with some rockin' catnip just so I can get on your blogroll. May I? You can find me at La Casa de Los Gatos, and CultureVultures, where I blog as ThePoliticalCat.


hipparchia said...

must... resist... catni------

we here at chez hipparchia are unable resist certain herbs. plus, you mentioned john lee hooker over at culture vultures. it's a deal.

ellroon said...

But ... Iran has been calling us names and is a big meanie! They stuck their tongues out at us! They were ...uh... talking about thinking about doing something close to almost working on program related activities about weapons of mass destruction!

We just HAVE to bomb Iran! Other mothers are letting their kids talk about bombing Iran. How come you have to be so mean?

hipparchia said...

if all the kewl kids were riding their bicycles off of cliffs, you'd want to follow them?

Anonymous said...

I don't guess anyone cares that the Supreme Leader of Iran is an ethnic Azeri, a member of the extremely large Azeri population in northern Iran.

Oh, did I mention the Azeri are Shi'ia?

hipparchia said...

and they're all sitting on top of our oil

Anonymous said...

Every major oil producing area in the Middle East and Central Asia has a majority Shi'ia population, even in those countries, like Saudi Arabia, that are overwhelmingly Sunni, the people who live in the areas where the oil is located are Shi'ia.

hipparchia said...

you can certainly see why this administration prefers to resort to bombing the living daylights of everything. this interconnectedness-of-all-things nature of geopolitics would otherwise require them to use some brain cells.