Saturday, April 18, 2009

Caturday blues

I have helper cats!

They help with the blogging...

...and with the vacuuming too!

Well... maybe not so much.


Anonymous said...

Tooooo cute.

Are these relaxed to the max blues the one that weren't friendly enough? or have they decided they can trust you?

Bryan said...

You have the new mark iii heat sink blues that keep things moving along by absorbing all of the extra warmth generated by various devices.

They are self-installing, and "plug n play" [if you plug it in they will play with it].

hipparchia said...

hey, jawbone!

these two are from the first litter, who all spent the first few weeks of their lives hiding on my porch. the gray tabby and the black-and-white one are from this litter too. the tabby and the bicolor are wild, but these 2 blues are semi-tame [and their mom, the other blue, is slowly getting almost-semi-tame too].

the vacuum cleaner cat has flea allergy problems, so he's been to the vet a few times, and while he doesn't like it, he doesn't fight it, and his only complaints are occasional plaintive mews. at home though, he doesn't want to be petted or brushed [probably a result of the ongoing skin issues], but will sneak into my lap sometimes if he thinks i'm not paying attention. he follows me around the house like a dog, and gets right in my face and carries on a conversation with me [in tiny little mews]. of all the 'tame' cats, he and momcat are the most skittish, and all you'll see is a couple of blue blurs leaving the room if anything startles them.

the computer cat is his sister. she's the tamest from the firt litter, and doesn't startle nearly as easily now, though she used to be pretty skittish too. she won't sit in my lap though, or follow me around the house, but when i'm at the computer or working in the kitchen, she wants to be petted or brushed incessantly. she's one of the 3 or 4 that, given the choice between being brushed or eating yummy food, will pass up the food every time.

the black ones are all from the second litter, the litter that was born indoors, under my bed. i've handled them from the time they were a couple of days old, so they're all tame, to the point of being little pests. they all like to be petted and brushed [to varying degrees] and several of them take turns following me around the house. only 1 of them is a real lap-sitter, but if i stretch out on the sofa, all 6 of them will appear out of nowhere and drape themselves over me, especially in cold weather. who needs blankets?

hipparchia said...

you got that right, bryan. plug n play, indeed. i'm pretty sure that's how the camera cable went on hiatus for lo these many moons.

heat sink blues it is. this one is the only one who's adopted the vacuum cleaner, but he and his sister and curmudgeon cat have worked out a fairly complicated sharing arrangement for the top of the computer. the two smallest of the black ones are also allowed on top of the computer sometimes, but only occasionally.

curmudgeon cat tried to take over the vacuum cleaner, his attitude being what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine, but he's big enough that if drops off to sleep, he falls off. his solution was to go all noblesse oblige about the vacuum cleaner [and then claim the computer for a greater percentage of the time].

andante said...

They are saying to you - "Blog all you want, peasant, but don't forget the cat pictures".

hipparchia said...

andante, u speak cat pretty gud 4 a hyooman!