Friday, April 10, 2009

Friday cat blogging? whuzzat?

Well, this one is perfect, because I did just find the USB cable a couple of hours ago.

funny pictures of cats with captions

These have been sitting in the camera for awhile...


wait... did you hear something?

catnip toyzzzzz!!!!!


Bryan said...

It's good to see your crew again after such a long break.

The grey tom looks to be a sizable cat, and the black with the fluffy tail is not exactly tiny either.

hipparchia said...

the black with the fluffy tail is actually only medium size, smaller than momcat and her older sisters, but larger than the other 2 black grrrls. she's the fluffiest of the entire crew.

the biggest of the grays is momcat, on the right in the top picture, and the one with the orange toy in the cat toy pictures. the gray boy is the short-tailed on in the 1st cat toy picture, and he's also the fluffy one whose fangs you can see in the 2nd cat toy picture. he's bigger than all his sisters, but he's the smallest of all the boys, though not by very much.