Thursday, April 23, 2009

funny pictures of cats with captions


Bryan said...

Except for the eats, that could be Income in a couple of years if he doesn't lay off kibble.

Bryan said...

Damn, that should be "ears" vice "eats" [My keyboard hates me.]

hipparchia said...

and i just went out and loaded up on cat food today. 'eats' would seem to be in the air today. :)

my blues are so far staying a [mostly] moderate weights [even momcat has topped out and stopped gaining] but the two largest black ones are in a race to surpass curmudgeon cat.

i've often found keyboards to be hateful things. perhaps that's why the cats keep attacking this one. although, i suppose the alternative could be that my keyboard hates me because i won't protect it from the mongol horde.