Thursday, April 23, 2009

If you type "over the cliff, onto the rocks"

into Yahoo, the second hit in the list goes to this post and the third goes to this post.

So, my 15 seconds of fame rests on a rant to, about, and at the Democratic Party and the propagation of a mutating gene meme.

Life is good.


Bryan said...

Yahoo hates you and doesn't want anyone following links without going through their main site.

These guys are all a PITA.

hipparchia said...


the two post that show up in google are this one and that's fucked up! which is less flattering, but at least the second one highlights a serious social problem that people need to be reading about.

but yeah, all the search engines drive me nuts for one reason or another. i particularly hate that google wants to feed me stuff based on my past searches or on what is popular -- those are occasionally helpful, but usually i'm searching for stuff that I DON'T ALREADY KNOW ABOUT, and often for obscure stuff that most other people aren't talking about.

pita, indeed.